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Ass and Tit Smothered by Ama - Kendra James + Ama Rio
Ama Rio , Kendra James
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Ama's boss is just ruthless on the work deadlines, so yet again she is pulling an all nighter. Fortunately for her, she remembers the natural candies her friend brought back after her last vacation. Sure enough, those candies do help with her energy, but she quickly feels an odd tingle sensation in her...

Tags: fetish lesbian domination magic control MILF
Overpowered by Evil Supergirl - Kendra James + Ama Rio
Ama Rio , Kendra James
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The bat brat has unknowingly stumbled into and easily overpowered by the strength of Evil Supergirl. The villainess quickly subdues Batgirl and binds her tightly with rope ensuring the superheroine isn't going anywhere. Struggle as she might, Batgirl is at the mercy of the evil villain who decides to...

Tags: cosplay humiliated heroine lesbian domination orgasm control
Sybian Slut - Kendra James + Ama Rio
Ama Rio , Kendra James
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My bondage slut Ama Rio is bound and struggling on top of a sinister masturbation device anticipating when it will be turned on. A metal collar encircles her neck and nipple clamps adorn her tits. I slowly turn on the sybian and the deep vibrations arouse her clit and she starts to rock her hips slowly...

Tags: bdsm bondage lesbian domination MILF
Mind Wiped Wonder Woman - Kendra James + Ama Rio
Ama Rio , Kendra James
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Wonder Woman (Ama Rio) is doing a VIP fan signing with the lucky winner of a cosplay contest. The super fan is extra excited to meete her amazonian idol and show her her own super powers. She fantasizes about Wonder Woman putting in a good word for her with the Justice League. As the heroine enters,...

Tags: cosplay fetish girl-girl humiliated heroine
Wonder Woman Humiliated - Ama Rio + Kendra James
Ama Rio , Kendra James
Available to Members Now

Wonder Woman has been captured and tied up AOH by her arch enemy, Black Mamba . The villain has set up a live stream to broadcast everything she does to Wonder Woman to the public. To demonstrate Wonder Woman’s helplessness, she starts with some tickle-torment in order to get Wonder Woman to beg for...

Tags: bondage cosplay costumes lesbian domination
Ama's Tiny Pest Problem
Ama Rio
Available to Members Now

The tinies have invaded Ama's house and become a real pest problem. She's always crunching them under her feet or waking up with one on her shoulder. It's time to call an exterminator to deal with all these tinies once and for all! As she's on the phone with pest control she glances down and notices...

Tags: ass worship feet fetish slave training
Wonder Woman Turned Mindless
Ama Rio , Kendra James
Available to Members Now

Wonder Woman has just been called back to the Hall of Justice by Batman, but before she has a chance to go the evil sorceress Circe pays her a visit. The villainess wastes no time taking magic control over the amazon's body, making her freeze in place. Wonder Woman can't go anywhere and now Circe has...

Tags: cosplay Hitachi humiliated heroine lesbian domination
WOnder Woman: Bound For Destruction
Ama Rio , Kendra James
Available to Members Now

Poison Ivy is up to her old tricks again and has busted out of Arkham asylum. She's been roaming the city leaving a trail of plant destruction in her wake and Wonder Woman has tracked her down to bring her back to the loony bin where she belongs, but Ivy has other ideas. Ivy's lair soon fills with toxins...

Tags: cosplay humiliated heroine lesbian domination magic control