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Catwoman Pounces on Batgirl: Emily Addison

Catwoman is reclining in bed after a recent heist on the Gotham Museum where she's stolen the renowned pink panther diamond. Batgirl was lucky enough to tail her back to the villain's lair where she bursts in and confronts the slinky minx. Catwoman simply laughs and with one scratch renders the superheroine helpless! Her new venom claws are courtesy of Poison Ivy and the serum works quickly through the bloodstream to cause the recipient to become a bimbofied nympho. Before she knows what's happening Batgirl is a horny slut begging for her itch to be scratched. Catwoman strips the superheroine, even removing her mask to reveal her true identity! When she's down her to her boots and gloves Catwoman buries her face between Batgirl's legs lapping her pretty pussy and making her purr. It's not enough for the horny heroine and Catwoman soon gets a nice big cock to fill her cave! Batgirl rides Catwoman's strap on, moaning and begging for more!
Includes: Kendra James, Emily Addison, superheroines, super villain, lesbian domination, erotic magic, magic control, mesmerize, bimbo, strip tease, unmasking, pussy licking, oral sex, strap on sex, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, humiliation, cosplay, female control, catsuit
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Catwoman Pounces on Batgirl: Emily Addison

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Sit and Slurp

Get on your knees bitch! I know you're aching to wrap your lips around my strap on and suck! Your cock is twitching at the thought of feeling my strap on slide down your throat as drool spills over your chin. Get it good and wet cause your ass is next!
Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, femdom, female domination, anal training, strap on training, joi, humiliation, latex
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Sit and Slurp

Monday August 8
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Giantess Feet

You have been wanting to try the growth potion you have been working on. You can't believe your luck when you meet Kendra James in a bar and she agreed to come home with you. The unsuspecting Kendra happily takes the glass you so slyly hid your growth concoction in. Almost instantly the potion begins to take effect as Kendra bursts out of her clothing and shoes, buttons flying off across the room. The now gargantuan woman looms over you threatening to stomp you into the floor but before she does that she decides to actually fulfill your wildest drream of using you as a sex toy! The goliath woman sits on you with her ass. If this is to be your last night, you as a perverted young scientist could not be happier by being crushed by such a beautiful woman! Includes: Kendra James, giantess, growth, face sitting, human dildo, feet, stomping, bare feet, domination, clothing destruction, foot fetish
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Giantess Feet

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Spider Babe Gets Scarlet Fever!

Coming 08/13/2022

Scarlet Witch has been wreaking havoc on the city after suffering a crushing blow. She's turned her back on everyone including the Avengers, but Spider Babe thinks she can bring her round. The naive superheroine swings into Wanda's lair and attempts to talk sense into her, but the devastated witch has other plans. She casts a spell warping Spider Babe's mind and trapping her in an alternate reality before making herself feel better for just a moment by seducing the spider. Her magic control weaves a web, drawing the heroine in and making her fall in love and follow every command, kissing, sucking and slurping on Scarlet Witch's pussy. Wanda enjoys a moment of extacy and cums on Spider Babes tongue, before making a strapon cock magically appear and fucking the heroine senseless. Spider Babe is now stuck in an endless loop of kissing, sucking and fucking while Scarlet Witch continues to wreak havoc and go after the rest of the Avengers! Includes: Kendra James, Winter Ryleigh, cosplay, superheroines, magic control, mesmerize, female control, women following orders, erotic magic, foot fetish, feet, big tits, costumes, strap on sex, lesbian, lesbian domination, female domination, oral sex, pussy licking, kissing, milf, dildo sucking, blow job Order a custom video www.KendraCustoms.com
Spider Babe Gets Scarlet Fever!

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Horny Housewines

Coming 08/17/2022

Kendra and Maggie have been friends since college, but life has changed so much. Instead of going out and partying they find themselves stuck at home folding their families clothes and cooking dinner. Whatever happened to the good times? As they reminisce about that ONE crazy night in college where they HOOKED UP, they start to get turned on and slowly get closer until they find themselves lips to lips, breathing heavy and both aching for each other. They start kissing and Kendra slips her hand down to squeeze Maggie's BIG tits. Before long they're both naked and sweaty and reliving that one night in college. Maggie tongue fucks Kendra's clit making her moan and beg for an orgasm before Kendra finger fucks Maggie's tight, wet pussy. Maybe they should make this a regular dates before their husbands get home... Includes: Kendra James, Maggie Green, lesbian, girl-girl, pussy licking, oral sex, finger fucking, kissing, hook up, hot housewives, cheating, orgasm, big tits, nipple licking, dirty talk, milf, taboo Order a custom video www.KendraCustoms.com
Horny Housewines

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Double Domination Whipping

Coming 08/20/2022

It's whipping day and Mistress Aleana and I have a fresh piece of meat bound and begging for a beating! His back is nice and blank, but not for long! With every kiss of ours whips the slave moans and shivers, the red welts striping him nicely. Just when he thinks he can't handle anymore, Mistress Aleana teases him with her ass making him push out his hips and he begs for more. Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, Mistress Aleana, Something Fetish, whipping, femdom, female domination, bondage, corporal punishment, corporal bdsm, classic femdom, latex, pantyhose, ass fetish, single tail, cruel and unusual femdom, blonde mistress Order a custom video *KendraCustoms.com*
Double Domination Whipping

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