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February 2024
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Adoring Foot Slave - Mistress Kendra + Slave Bart

Slave Bart is on the floor at my feet begging to worship. My submissive slave sticks out his tongue to clean my red sole high heels before he's instructed to remove my shoes and lick my feet from heel to toe. He hungrily laps my soles and sucks my toes and savors every time I cover his face with my barefeet. He sniffs my feet and begs for more. Includes: kendra james, mistress kendra, slave bart, femdom, female domination, foot fetish, foot worship, barefeet, slave training, submissive slave, domination, dungeon, domme, high heels, lingerie, toes sucking
Adoring Foot Slave - Mistress Kendra + Slave Bart

Friday February 9
Saturday February 10
Sailor Mars Enchanted - Kendra James + Nyssa Nevers

The seductive villainess Esmeraude has seduced and enchanted Sailor Mars and has her cocooned in nylon as she blows magical smoke into her face. The Sailor tries to resist, but the encasement is too tight and she must give in to the enchantment. Includes: Kendra James, Nyssa Nevers, kissing, smoking, nylon bondage, encasement, magic control, lesbian domination, cosplay
Sailor Mars Enchanted - Kendra James + Nyssa Nevers

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Ass and Tit Smothered by Ama - Kendra James + Ama Rio

Ama's boss is just ruthless on the work deadlines, so yet again she is pulling an all nighter. Fortunately for her, she remembers the natural candies her friend brought back after her last vacation. Sure enough, those candies do help with her energy, but she quickly feels an odd tingle sensation in her breasts. The confused secretary is amazed by what happens next! Right in front of her eyes, her tits begin to grow, getting bigger and bigger. Ama cannot believe how gigantic and amazing her boobs have gotten, so much so that she quickly forgets about work and becomes mesmerized by the sensations she is feeling. Ama is so obsessed with caressing and bouncing her giant tits she does not notice that her boss Kendra has returned to check up on her. The infuriated boss reprimands the buxom employee until the underpaid, overworked secretary turns the tables by shoving her bosses face between her now massive breasts. Kendra is in shock as she takes a full face of Ama’s swollen mammaries. Ama is ecstatic with the role reversal, making her boss take in all of her assets, even going as far as sitting on the corporate leader’s face. Kendra finally sees that she is in tit heaven and embraces the suppleness of Ama's tits. Finding the pleasure in this reversal of roles, Ama allows Kendra to worship her beautiful boobs until she remembers how awful Kendra has been to her, so she goes back to ramming Kendra’s face between her mountainous boobies.
Ass and Tit Smothered by Ama - Kendra James + Ama Rio

Thursday February 15
Self Bondage Seduction - Kendra James

I have the perfect Valentine's gift for you - me all wrapped up! Sit back and watch as I tease you with my sexy latex covered body and rope piece by piece. My delicate ankles are bound, a tight crotch rope rubs the perfect spot between my legs, my wrists are tied and a rope gag is stuffed between my pretty red lips. I'm going to struggle and squirm for you before you unwrap it all! Includes: Kendra James, bondage, self bondage, rope, gag, latex, milf, stockings, high heels, pov, dirty talk, tease, love spell
Self Bondage Seduction - Kendra James

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Sissy Servitude - Mistress Kendra

It's another day in sissy paradise as you clean Mistress's house. As my sissy maid, I expect you to take great care in making sure everything is spotless and up to my standards. Your duties include cleaning my lingerie and washing dirty toys and if you do your job well, you'll be rewarded - with a nice big cock of course! I know your sissy clitty is leaking in your cage thinking about mistress' cock using your slut hole and being shared with my alpha's huge dick. Of course, if you fail to properly serve, you'll continue to be locked and unfulfilled... Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, femdom, female domination, sissy, feminization, sissification, chastity, pegging, cuckold, alpha slave, strap on worship, servitude, domestic slave, caged, lingerie, tease
Sissy Servitude - Mistress Kendra

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