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September 2023
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Red Heel Worship - Kendra James archive photos

Red hair and red heels? Yes! My lace bodysuit outlines my figure perfectly and gives you a peek at what's underneath. My sexy red high heels are just too pretty not to worship and as I point my toes and dangle my heels, they eventually fall off. My high heels are not the only thing coming off either...
Red Heel Worship - Kendra James archive photos

Saturday September 2
Latex Pegging Slut - Kendra James + Ts Slayer

I have my slave the TS Slayer locked in a cage and waiting to serve. As I bring him out and walk him around with a collar and leash he begs to serve my strap on. As he kneels in front of me, mouth open and drooling over the huge dildo dangling between my legs, I tease him with the tip making him beg before sliding it down his throat. He hungrily sucks, practically swallowing the whole thing as I face fuck him. Drool drips down his chin and I'll use this to fuck his ass. He gets in the sling and I spread his legs wide so I have access to his tight little fuck hole. As I slide my cock deep inside and stretch him out he moans and begs for me to go deeper. This little slut is in for a pounding! Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, The TS Slayer, anal play, anal strap on, dildo fucking, femdom, female domination, face fucking, male slave, submissive, bondage, fuck swing, pegging, humiliation, cock tease, latex, high heels, dirty talk, bdsm Order a custom video *KendraJames*
Latex Pegging Slut - Kendra James + Ts Slayer

Sunday September 3
Rules For Worship - Kendra James

You're going to worship every part of me today from my perfect pedicured feet, up my long legs, to my asshole and finally drlnk every last drop of golden nectar from my goddess pussy. I know you'll be pumping your pathetic tiny cock while guzzling down my sweet juices. Your itty bitty dicklette will never get anywhere near my tight, wet cunt, I mean, it's just a worthless flap of skin between your legs anyway. I bet it's so small you could fuck between my toes with it. Open wide slave, my goddess nectar is as close as you get! Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, gs, golden sh0wers, foot worship, ass worship, face sitting, pee, plssing, humiliation, stockings, pee drlnking, lingerie, joi, jerk off instruction, masturbation instruction, sph, small penis humiliation, femdom, female domination, cum countdown, pussy worship, goddess worship Order a custom video *KendraCustoms*
Rules For Worship - Kendra James

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Lusting Latex photo set

Enjoy this sexy latex fetish archived photo set!
Lusting Latex photo set

Saturday September 16
Paddling Princesses - Kendra James + Goddess Tangent

Mistress Kendra and Goddess Tangent have their slave bent over and begging to be paddled. His ass is a blank canvas and just needs to be marked up. It's time to double team this slut! Includes: Kendra James, Mistress Kendra, Goddess Tangent, spanking, paddling, teasing, latex, bdsm, corporal punishment, double domination Order a custom video *KendraCustoms.com*
Paddling Princesses - Kendra James + Goddess Tangent

Sunday September 17
Magic Bondage Rope - Kendra James

Kendra is laying in bed comfortably dressed in satin lingerie and thumbing through a vintage bondage magazine she found in a thrift store. The naughty images intrigue her and she finds herself wondering what it would feel like to be all tied up like that. Are the ropes really tight? How much can you struggle? She lays the magazine down and reclines in bed, her eyes slowly closing as she drifts off to dreamland. Little does she know the magazine is enchanted and as she slumbers it transforms into a pile of silky rope which silently crawls along the bed and wraps itself around her wrists and ankles. By the time she awakens it's too late and she finds herself bound spread eagle, the ropes pulling her tightly and spreading her long legs wide. She struggles and moans to no avail, yanking on the strict rope trying to free herself. A tape gag magically appears and covers her mouth securely so she can't scream. Suddenly a vibrator snakes along the bed heading straight for her pussy. The magic ropes fasten it into place and holds it tightly. All she can do is struggle and moan through her tape gag as she orgasms over and over, the pleasure making her body shake. Kendra was curious what it would feel like to be tied up... Includes: Kendra James, shinybound, bondage, rope bondage, magic control, erotic magic, satin lingerie, tape gag, struggling, orgasm, cumming, pantyhose, hitachi, milf, wide eyes, spread eagle tie Order a custom video *KendraCustoms.com*
Magic Bondage Rope - Kendra James

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